Qssssss2: Would you be interested at good investment opportunities?

Of course you are...

Yes, but this needs a team of junior analysts doing for you the crunch work, such as:

  • Looking on the internet the available available
  • Gathering market data like mean prices per area and per asset type
  • Doing the actual analysis calculating cash flow, yields and IRR
  • Putting all this in a nice presentation with graphs and comments

Q: How about having this ready, just for you ?

Watch out, I can hear you saying, "ohhh yes"

But wait, there are more +++

Would you want to use, fancy Machine learning algorithms, examine significant data such as (e.g museums. beaches) but also check the involvement of prices compared to different macroeconomic data (e.g. growth rate, inflation) ...... and get investment opportunities as soon as they are online.

Yes, we know.... We are welcome